Yoga Class and The Voice of Magnifence Workshop

With Sharon Kripke and Steve Gold

We all have a natural voice and an innate desire to say YES to life. Have you ever noticed that you always feel wonderful when you sing? When we sing we reaffirm our own magnificence and experience the feelings of joy and gratitude for living. This gathering is a unique opportunity to celebrate the wondrousness of uplifting each other in harmony. Joining our voices together as one ocean of sound, we will sing songs, mantras and chants from a variety of traditions, faiths and cultures while incorporating gentle movements, and positive intentions. No prior singing or musical training is necessary, only a willingness to be open to the waves of bliss coming in.

Sunday, August 5th, 2012 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Paulette’s Dance Studio, 4853 Monroe Street Suite B, Toledo OH 43623, 419-654-3262

One Hour and a Half Yoga Class (All Levels of Yoga Experience) by Sharon Kripke
One Hour and a Half Voices of Magnificence Workshop by Steve Gold
Please bring Yoga Mat and Towel to Sit on if participating in Yoga class.

$50 per ticket, $25 for attendees of Saturday’s Performance
Please contact Sharon Kripke at 419-537-6660 (Home) or 419-345-3964 (Mobile) or Meg Milano at 419-340-0362.
Payments Accepted: Checks, Credit Cards (Contact Meg Milano)

The event is being held in honor of the beloved memory of Norma Conn Cohen who passed from endometrial cancer and in the Honor of Mary Rusnak, a two-year survivor from ovarian cancer. ALL proceeds benefit the patients going through Cancer treatment by providing a nurturing spa day at It’s My Turn Fitness and Wellness Center.

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