Mantras For Manifestation Concert Workshop with Steve Gold

Everything is vibration – our thoughts, our body,  our emotions, the worlds seen and unseen. We all have the power within us to  shift our experience by consciously determining the frequency of our own  vibration. Mantras, literally instruments of thought, are vibrations realized  in sound that can help us recreate our inner world, re-connect with our divine  nature and align with our soul’s deepest desires. Everyone has a heart’s desire  that is yearning to be expressed in the world. During this workshop, we will learn how we can explore the use of mantra and music as tools for manifesting these desires. The goal of this workshop is to feel inspiration, encouragement, positivity and contentment through music and your own thoughts and vibrations.

 The event is being held from 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM Saturday, August 4th at the Sylvania Country Club at 5201 Corey Road, Sylvania, OH, 43560, (419) 882-2082.

• $60 a ticket for one person
• $50 a ticket for two or more people.
• Sponsorship packages available.
o $250 for 5 tickets
o $500 for 10 tickets
o All sponsors will be recognized at concert for their generous contributions.

• Please contact Sharon Kripke at 419-537-6660 (Home) or 419-345-3964 (Mobile) or Meg Milano at 419-340-0362.
• Payments Accepted: Checks, Credit Cards (Contact Meg Milano)

• One hour and a half concert performance by Steve Gold.
• One hour and half workshop by Steve Gold.
• Healthy Food will be provided.

The event is being held in honor of the beloved memory of Norma Conn Cohen who passed from endometrial cancer and in the honor of Mary Rusnak, a two-year survivor from ovarian cancer. Steve will be performing “Just a Little Bit of Hope”, a song written by Jack Lacy on behalf of Marty Conn Cohen in memory of Norma Conn Cohen. ALL proceeds benefit the patients going through Cancer treatment by providing a nurturing spa day at It’s My Turn Fitness and Wellness Center.

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