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Yoga Journey

Yoga means, “to unite the body, mind and breathe.” Yoga induces peace and well being on every level of our lives, physical, mental, and emotional. Yoga helps to enhance relaxation, comfort and enjoyment. Practicing yoga is more than an exercise. It is designed to give maximum flexibility and strength to the skeletal, muscular and nervous system while helping to calm the mind. Pranayama, yoga breathing, reduces mental tension, focuses the mind, and increases the body's energy level by oxygenating the bloodstream. Learning about yourself through the practice of Yoga will be your own journey, your gift for a healthy life.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga practice includes gentle postures and is a gentle flow practice suitable for healthy women in all stages of their pregnancies. While building strength, flexibility and stamina, you will unite your mind, body and breath with physical yoga poses. Practicing different breathing techniques will encourage a feeling of calmness when labor begins or discomfort arises. Yoga helps to enhance relaxation, comfort and enjoyment. Always take time to connect with your growing baby, changing body, emotions and well being. I know you will enjoy this Yoga journey.

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